Kirtley Kettles have attracted a wide range of users, all of whom appreciate various aspects of these essential campfire water heaters. Here is a selection of what people have to say about Kirtley Kettles:

“Looking for a traditional style camp kettle? These “Kirtley Kettles” from Paul Kirtley, founder of Frontier Bushcraft, one of the UK’s premier Bushcraft schools look really good.” Path of The Paddle.

“These Kirtley camp kettles…are simply fantastic…they’re lightweight yet very robust. Each kettle is traditionally styled and are ideal from small families to large groups and are perfect for making a brew on.” Ronnie Sunshines.

The range of Kirtley Kettles are crafted from a high grade, medium gauge aluminium making them lightweight for trekking, yet strong enough to withstand years of hard work and abuse for all your survival needs. All parts of the fire kettle are riveted or welded, so they’re strong making them the perfect camp kettle for your camping trip or Bushcraft adventure. Greenman Bushcraft.

“But the truth is, in the UK, large Bushcraft or campfire kettles didn’t really exist, but as of today this has changed. I’ve just been shown some fantastic campfire and Bushcraft kettles that will be the ideal solution to the problem, and put a smile on the face of the scouts and forest school leaders!” Kris Miners.

“A Kirtley Kettle…goes a long way to creating a sense of togetherness and bonding round the fire. Instead of everyone having their own cup in the embers, or individual small camp kettles on individual stoves, you all wait for the kettle to boil together, you all brew up together, and you all enjoy a warm drink together!” Jedi Knight Of The Woods..


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