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Kirtley Kettle on Kirtley Kettle packaging box in a rustic shed

Kirtley Kettle in a woodsman’s shed.

Kirtley Kettles are a range of high-quality aluminium-alloy campfire kettles.

Lightweight yet tough, Kirtley Kettles are made to be at home over an open fire.

The range takes its name from Paul Kirtley, founder of Frontier Bushcraft, one of the UK’s premier Bushcraft schools.

These classic camping kettles are ideal for camp kitchens in any environment – on the stove or on the fire. Used by bushcraft schools, bushcraft and survival enthusiasts, Forest Schools, Scouts and a wide range of campers who want a touch of tradition in their outdoor life.

Well-finished and durable, any of these kettles will prove a wise investment, giving years of service.

Available in 2.5, 5.0, 7.0 and 10.0 litres, there is a size of Kirtley Kettle to suit every camp.

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